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Orange County Commercial Electrician

From commercial tenant improvement to lighting upgrades, service and repair, no job is too big for Excellence Electric.

#1 Rated Electrician in Orange County

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Our Commercial Services

  • Service Work

  • HVAC power and controls

  • Boiler Wiring

  • Dimming Systems

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Industrial

  • Intercoms

  • Data

  • Telephone and Cable

  • CCTV

  • Indoor and Outdoor Wiring and Lighting

  • Offices/Warehouses

  • Restaurants/ Bars/Bakeries

  • Stores/ Boutiques

  • Parking lots

  • Medical Facilities

  • New construction

  • All renovations including Landmarks

Predictive Maintenance Program

Integrate the program with other predictive maintenance efforts. Thermal imaging is most useful when data from other technologies is collected. These can include vibration analysis, motor circuit analysis, airborne ultrasound, pressure testing, and temperature assessments.

Establish written infrared inspection procedures. These will help ensure quality data collection, uniform monitoring procedures, and inspector safety. Review industry or manufacturer standards for the operating conditions of your systems and equipment and use these as a baseline.

Create an infrared inspection schedule to determine what will be monitored and how often. Consider where failures have occurred in the past either at your plant or industry-wide, the age of equipment, overloading or heavy use of particular equipment, and whether equipment and systems have been well or poorly maintained. Base inspection frequency on factors such as facility and worker safety, critical need of the equipment to the operation, and the expense of a failure.

License Information

CSLB # 977779

Bonded & Insured by:

Business Alliance Insurance

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Over 200+ Reviews

On Angie's List

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