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Installing a 240-volt charge station will help insure your vehicle is fully
charged quickly and efficiently. A 240-volt charge station provides a variety of benefits to the customer.Using the 120V charging cord will take approximately twice as longFaster charging - Reduces full charging time to approximately 20-80% state of charge in 4 hours and a 0-100% in 8 hours.

Excellence Electric teams with leaders of the EV industry to bring charging solutions to residential and commercial customers.


Securing a 240V charge station is a wonderful way to complement the purshase of your new vehicle, it's our job to make the process of selecting,securing and installing that charging station as easy and efficient as possible.Excellence Electric has been chosen by customers ans its partners as their preferred installer for charging support for resindential and commercial customers.Excellence Electric has a proven track record in providing oustanding service, quality and support in every single installation.




Plugging In:

Your Own ChargingStation

To fuel your car at home, you’ll need access to at least a
standard 120-volt outlet in a convenient location where you can park and charge. If you want to charge faster, you will need a dedicated
240-volt circuit and an electric car charging station. Be sure to have a
qualified electrician from Excellence Electric inspect your outlet, because charging an electric car may overload an existing household circuit, particularly if it serves other household needs like lights and appliances.

Your qualified electrician can advise whether you need a dedicated circuit breaker or an upgrade to your circuit breaker panel.


The Installation Process

Whether or not you plan to install a charging station,a call to  Excellence Electric is where the process begins. We’ll help you
consider your rate plan options because your choice will affect the
upgrades needed for your electrical panel and meter.
Then it’s time for your Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) installer Excellence Electric to inspect your home, install your new equipment, and perform any necessary upgrades to your home’s electrical wiring.

Installation costs will vary, and your installer will be able to provide
an estimate based on your needs. Your city or county may also require
permits and inspections, which can be facilitated by you, through Excellence Electric and make this process symple and convinient for you.


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